Acko General Insurance,India – faster, cheaper and more personalised insurance policies all at one click

Acko General Insurance,India – faster, cheaper and more personalised insurance policies all at one click

Mumbai-based fintech startup Acko seeks to offer consumers insurance products that are affordable and
relevant to them by tapping into its digital potential.

Acko is to insurance what the internet is to information and what the instant message is to
communication. Acko figured that most people don’t really care for insurance, simply because they don’t
understand it. But you don’t really need to. That’s what Acko is here for.

Acko is here to make buying and using insurance really effortless.Say hello to technology. By adding
technology to insurance, Acko have transformed something that’s long and tedious to something that’s
quick and easy. And in the process, Acko managed to fit something as massive as insurance in your
pocket. Acko is digital first which means that you’ll be as comfortable using it as you are using your own

Acko make insurance effortless by making it affordable and hassle-free because when it comes to
finding ways to making your life easier, Acko leave no stones unturned.

The new age of insurance has finally arrived. Acko will be running as an independent general insurance
company with entire operations offered online. But in a market packed with firms employed in the
traditional play, Acko is the first startup in India to build an insurance business solely on a technology

Prices That Can’t Get Any Better

Acko spend a lot less on running an insurance company when you buy directly from us. Acko simply
pass on the savings to you. Also, by creating a community of great drivers who take care of their cars,
Acko ensure that your premiums decrease generously. So just sit back, as Acko blow your mind off with
amazing deals.

One Tap To Do It All.

Acko hate paperwork as much as you do. That’s why help you deal with insurance instantly, simply at the
tap of a button. Whether it’s purchase, support, claims, or renewal, Acko support team is always here for


Acko claims are so stress-free, it’s like taking an afternoon nap. Just give us a call and Acko take care of everything – from picking up your car, to getting it repaired and dropping it back right at your doorstep.

Here’s why you’ll love Acko.

Zero paperwork

Looking to purchase, claim or renew? It doesn’t matter.

One Hour to pick up your damaged vehicle.

Two minutes to get your policy document in your account.

In three days Get your repaired or Acko give you free cab vouchers!

Just click and claim.Acko take care of everything else.


Unit No. 301 & 302, 3rd Floor, F wing, Lotus Corporate Park, Off Western Express Highway, Jay Coach,
Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063.

Phone: 1860 266 2256


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