Altifarm – Our favourite Home farm

Altifarm – Our favourite Home farm

Do you know that the loss of nutritive value of certain food items is more than 50%, from farm to table? Also that crop varieties are prioritized for shelf life and not for taste and nutrition?

When you grow your own food, it’s as fresh as it can get. With local produce, your meals are always crisp, juicy and bursting with flavor. There’s only joy, pride and delightful consumption with no chemicals, pesticides or GMO to worry about.

We have all been warned about the dubious methods sellers employ to make their produce look healthy. If harmful pesticides used excessively were not enough to turn you off, these days you get spray-painted shiny vegetables.

Most of us, if possible, would prefer to produce our own vegetables, yet time and space constraints usually put these dreams to rest. These are the same constraints which inspired 31-year old Arun Raj to put his industrial design abilities to use and produce a solution. After three and a half years of hustling it at the design table, the solution now comes in the shape of a compact, modular farm which is delivered to you in a box.

Farm in a tray

Ergonomically-designed, Altifarm comes across as a one-stop solution for all constraints related to urban farming – space, time, and erratic lifestyle. Consisting of 3 or 4 tiers (depending on your preference), Altifarm provides 1sqm of space to farm while utilising only as much of footprint as a chair does. The shelves are height-adjustable, giving you the freedom to choose a variety of saplings. The farm is designed with a wall hugging rear and is fitted with wheels to provide mobility.

The farm comes to you in a compact box in a DIY format. “There are no molds, no fittings – it is as easy to fix as a Lego set. It takes all of 15 minutes to fix the entire thing.

No sun, no worry

The product had to be disruptive to match the lifestyle of the on-the-go working population. To provide that much-needed flexibility, the lack of which has resulted in many of our plants drying up, Altifarm comes equipped with self-sustaining features which keep human supervision to minimal. The entire process of photosynthesis is self-sustaining.

The customer just needs to fill up the water tank once a week and the self-watering system takes care itself.

Why Altifarm ?

In the hustle/bustle of big city life, it’s often difficult to find the right time and place to grow plants. For many, the idea of growing food at home might even seem ambitious. That’s why Altifarm – it has the space for all you want and the smarts to keep it going – even while you are away for a few days. Altifarm does all the heavy-lifting, so that you can sit back, relax and harvest when its ready.

A complete home farm

Lots of space to grow all you want.
1m2 of grow space from the footprint of a chair.

Quick D-I-Y assembly

Sets up in 15 minutes out-of-box.
No tools or expertise required.

Use anywhere

Living room, kitchen, balcony or porch.
Optional Mobility pack for easy movement.

Grow like in a yard
No subscription, apps or electricity involved.
Use soil or compost. Or go soil less with coco-peat.


6/2, Steelmade Industrial Estate,
Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri(E)

+91 2229201777


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