Brendan Greene – Man Behind the “PUBG” game

Brendan Greene – Man Behind the “PUBG” game

This game has won the hearts of Game Lovers within a few months and this is why today its popularity is peak and millions of people around the world like to play this game.PUBJ has become one of the biggest and most viral mobile games in a very short span of time.This game has won the hearts of Game Lovers within a few months and this is why today its popularity is peak and millions of people around the world like to play this game.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG, as it is popularly called played. But have you ever thought who created it ? Today we are going to tell you the story behind Pubg.

Founder of PUBG

The person who is responsible for the creation of this game is 37 years old Brendan Greene.Designer and director for Pubg Game.Brendan was born in Ballyshannon, Ireland in March 29, 1976.He is basically from Ireland but has worked as a photographer and web developer in Brazil and loved playing games from the beginning. He used to live in Brazil for his work.Brandon liked to play video games like Delta Force, Black Hawk Down and America’s Army. He was very impressed while playing a game DAY’Z and then decided to make a career in the game industry. Along with this decision, he was very inspired by Japanese film called Battle Royal.

Brendan Greene

This piqued the curiosity of Brendon Greene, who wanted an open ended game play. So Greene decided to create his own mod, and named it Arma 2: Battle Royal, based on the eponymous Japanese film. Soon enough, Greene’s mod became a favorite among players.In 2013 Brendan started working for creating a mod of his own for DayZ.

Brendan learned coding while creating his mod and it was then that the first version of PUBG was created. It became very popular as DayZ was already a favorite of gamers.

His work caught attention of Sony Entertainment Division and they hired Brendan as a consultant for designing the Battle Royal mod for H1Z1. But when the work got completed, Brendan’s mod was endorsed as a separate game : ‘H1Z1: King of the Kill’.

In 2015, Brendan was free and was contacted by South Korean studio Bluehole Ginno games.Company was looking for a kickass Battle Royal game that would gain popularity in South Korea.During search for new game,Company came across Brendon Greene and reached out to him. He became their creative director and work started for a new game in 2016. The South Korean studio wanted to take advantage of the fact that Battle Royale genre was not much popular in the country at that time, so they wanted to be
the first to come up with it. PUBG was released in 2017 and since then, its popularity has increased immensely.

With the rapid growth of the game, Bluehole Ginno Games’ name was changed to PUBG Corporation.

They started off with one map, Erangel, and one mode, the classic one. They added more weapons after the first version of the game went live in March 2017 on Steam. The players increased every week, and in the first four weeks after the game was released, 10 million rounds of the game had already been
played. In the first three days, PUBG had already made $11 million. And in the month after its release,PUBG had already sold a million copies.


While still in early access, Battlegrounds won the “Best Multiplayer Game” and was also nominated for the categories “Game of the Year” and “Best Ongoing Game” at The Game Awards 2017.

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