Buttercups – Shop for perfect fit Lingerie

Buttercups – Shop for perfect fit Lingerie

India’s only lingerie brand that comes with a detailed online fitting quiz to help find your perfect

Buttercups was launched in 2013 by Arpita Ganesh. It is a culmination of Arpita’s decade-long
experience within the lingerie space and her having fitted over 3,000 women. Arpita is changing the way
Indian women interact with lingerie. From personalized sizing, to fitting, to consultations based on your
requirements, the venture promises to care for the discerning women clientele it caters to. Buttercups
creating a product line that revolves around design aesthetics and functionality, the brand has managed
to build a distinct and sustainable advantage in the lingerie category. All-women staffed ‘experience
stores’, there are no mannequins, making it easy for women to walk in without feeling conscious.






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