Heckyl Technologies-Mumbai,UK – Helping traders to Save & Make money

Heckyl Technologies-Mumbai,UK – Helping traders to Save & Make money

Initiated in December 2010,Heckyl provides real-time financial information and analytics on stock,
FOREX, or commodity to enable better investment decisions. Using the web as its database, it employs
its proprietary technology to ferret out the best sources of information that can help in making better
investment decisions.

Heckyl Provides real time Financial Information platform connecting brokerages and traders, news
analytic and sentiment mining dashboard that curate information from millions of trusted sources,
including Government websites, Company Filing, Patent Office, High Courts, Twitter etc. Heckyl – FIND
Dashboard gets integrated with the Trading Terminals of Brokerages.

Heckyl Technologies hopes to differentiate itself by focusing on retail investors.The Heckyl platform can
be integrated easily with any existing trading application, so you can continue to use your own systems,
and yet Heckyl offer revolutionary features to your end users.

This is how it works. First, the software collects news from various sources. Then the news is rated
according to the credibility of the source: better the news source’s reputation, higher the rating. Next, it
looks for views, which are similarly rated according to the following and credibility of the individual
providing the view.

The most credible sources of information are taken to be government agencies such as the Reserve
Bank of India or the Securities and Exchange Board of India since they act on (or on behalf of) policy.
Companies speaking about themselves through corporate actions announcements are among the most
credible too, as are financial statements coming from them. These have high ratings and the least
questions asked.

Then, Heckyl’s proprietary technology scans through each story of the feed, word by word, finally
identifying a sentiment. This is then combined with the ratings of the source to generate a colour code –
red, green and grey denoting negative, positive and neutral, respectively.

All this comes together for the customer. On the computer screen, every news feed loads with a number
that is contained in a flashing, coloured box. The number denotes the number of sources reporting an
event. The colour denotes the sentiment. On the left, there is a grid of stocks or companies, which shows
the overall sentiment on each stock through the colour codes. That may keep changing through the day.

All this can be seen right there on the client’s dashboard, including price movement. This dashboard can
be used by traders and investors alike, and no special training is needed. The dashboard is accessible
from any computer through a web-based login system, and not any proprietary hardware.

Heckyl Products:

FIND News Analytics

Get Innovation streaming to your finger tips. Heckyl cover millions of news sources for you from all over
the planet – for over 35,000 companies and 3500+ non-listed entities in 7 geographies. And we don’t
stop at that. Heckyl keep you updated constantly on Government moves, hedge funds or PE
investments, VC deals, economic announcements and more. Heckyl revolutionary technology – with
sentiment-tagging, news-clustering and discovery engine – does all the heavy lifting for you and helps
you make sense of millions of raw news data points.

FIND Price Analytics

The il Supremo Price Analytics platform awaits you. Analyze and trade different asset classes with never-
seen-before visuals that enable you to get first-hand insights to make the best trade decisions instantly

and smartly. Provided with intelligent tools and trading touch points wherever it matters, you will no
longer have to search for opportunities.

FIND DeepSearch

Discovery is the key focus of Heckyl DeepSearch. Heckyl big data engine mines Public, Private and
Proprietary data sources to help you analyse, connect and discover the next big opportunity.

Heckyl aims to be a global leader in the space of information analytics for worldwide financial
markets.And they are on right path,helping millions of traders to take wise decisions in financial markets
around the world.


Unit No. 1002, B – Wing
Supreme Business Park, Hiranandani Gardens
Powai, Mumbai – 400 076
PHONE : +91 2242153561


One Canada Square
Canary Wharf E14 5AB, UK
PHONE : +020 3668 3670, 3671




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