It’s cool To Be Cool!

It’s cool To Be Cool!

Coolness in a spiritual sense is something that comes from contemplating the deeper aspects of life, from knowing and understanding ourselves better, and from drawing upon the deep wellspring of wisdom that is within all of us.

With a cool mind and a clear intellect, we can learn to thoughtfully respond to situations, and begin to operate less from conditioned responses and more from positive feelings and intentions.

The only way to be really cool is to be in our power, in our full self-respect and in control of our thoughts and deeds.

That gives a whole new meaning to being cool.

Learning to be cool

In spiritual context we have to BE what we really are by rising above the illusion that we are the false self or ego. Being a witness is suggested by many super souls and spiritual masters. Living in the present moment is suggested by many others by not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Living in a mindful state is also suggested by some others as well which is basically same as living in the present moment being fully aware of what is happening and what are we experiencing right now.

The person who is in a relaxed state of mind will always produce much more with greater accuracy and skill in less time in any given situation. Because the person is being himself, he or she is not working under pressure or being lazy.

What happens when we are not at ease ? It is like a car that needs a service – when the engine requires oil or the tires need more pressure. In other words, the tuning is disturbed. The field of quantum biology tells us that the human body also has its particular vibrational frequency.

So what to do?

24 hours, we r giving to all other things( TV, cell phones, computer, friends, relatives, school, office, work, boss)- if not directly, we are indirectly giving our time to them, through our thoughts!! Isn’t it a pity, that except ‘us’ we are paying attention to all other things, in an entire day?

Out of the 24 hours we have, it’s very important to give 1 hour to our self.

1.Spend some time each day, in nature.. go for a walk at morning or evening, toward a nearby park/garden, surrounded by trees. Go toward a riverside, sit along the bank, listen to the sound of the river, listen to a bird’s chirping or, go to the terrace and lie down under the sky, on the terrace floor. Just gaze at the vastness, the emptiness, this soothes your eyes and gives few moments of mindlessness.

2. Listen to Good music- the definition of goodness is difficult and subjective. Listen to whatever pleases you.

3. Meditation- Practice a form of meditation that you like. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a strict posture etc.

It can be anything that you like singing, dancing, it should just help you come closer to your center, to your own self. Meditation makes one, more loving and sensitive, to himself and others.Try not to deprive yourself from it, otherwise the mind entraps you in all its bond-ages of greed, ego, jealousy, possessiveness, hatred, pretense and many more.

4. Read a good book- most of us find reading boring, but books, are still, a man’s best friend! The art of reading may be dying, but it will remain a favorite to the one, who loves spending time with himself. There are plenty of good options among reading.. Wellness, good health, meditation, etc are some topics that are harmless to read and do not induce too many thoughts, like other books.

When we are chasing the tomorrow’s dream that might come true or not , or day-dreaming and thinking about the past good times or bad times , we tune ourselves out of THE NOW MOMENT and we do not experience that bliss because the only moment that is timeless and is eternal is NOW. Now is the perfect balance and neutral point where we can actually BE ourselves and it is between yesterday and tomorrow because yesterday’s loss and tomorrow’s uncertainty both make us feel uncomfortable. With tension all around and our minds getting heated in an instant, there is no greater need at this time than to stay cool, calm and composed.


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