Khushi hemchandra – Yoga Girl of India

Khushi hemchandra – Yoga Girl of India

Mysuru is a laid-back city which still has a lot of old-world charm. The pace of life here is slower
compared to the hustle and bustle of other cities.Here lives Khushi hemchandra Daughter of RBI officer
Hemachandra. She is a practitioner of Ashtang Yoga and with yoga she is setting new records.

Khushi started practicing Yoga less than three years ago to cure her of some breathing issues. After her
issues were resolved she continued with the Yoga practice, following which she received various
accolades on both national and international levels.

Her world record

She performed the Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana at the Community Hall of Mysore’s RBI Nagar in the
presence of a Golden Book of World Records representative. She performed 15 strenuous asanas with
so much ease 15 times under 60 seconds. During practice, she usually used to do the asana 13 times
but she beat her own as well as the world record by doing it 15 times at the main event for the Golden
Book of World Records.

Other Achievements

In 2014, Kushi won a silver medal in an international Yoga competition in the under-17 category in

Kushi secured first place in the national-level yoga competition organised by Panduranga Pathanjali
Yoga Shikshana Kendra in August 2014, in Mysuru. She has also bagged three medals in All India
Yogasana Championship 2016, organised by Krishna Yoga Association. Kushi clinched a gold medal in
‘Forward Bending Asana’, silver medals in ‘Combination Asana’ and ‘Leg and Hand Balance’.

In 2016, she also won two golds (solo artistic and rhythmic pair) and two silvers in four events in

Kushi has won several awards such as ‘Yoga Praveene’, ‘Karnataka Kalashree’, ‘District Youth Award’,
‘Yoga Kesari’, Mysore Rathna’, Sadhana Rathna’, ‘Best Exceptional Achievement’ and ‘Yoga Rathna’.
She is a brand ambassador for Clean City of India campaign Mysuru.

Every day Khushi practice for three hours from 6 pm to 9 pm or in the morning for three hours.

Khushi dreams of becoming an IAS officer and want to become a yoga teacher also, so that she can
teach yoga to lakhs of people in India and even in foreign countries.

Keep Practicing Khushi Hemchandra. Readers of this article can also start practicing Yoga. If Khushi
can, so you, I, we can.


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