Lapa Rios rainforest resort, Costa Rica – Global pioneer in Eco-tourism

Lapa Rios rainforest resort, Costa Rica – Global pioneer in Eco-tourism

Lapa is the Costa Rican name for the scarlet macaw, a magnificent bird you’ll likely see during your stay.
When Minnesota-born owners John and Karen Lewis first visited the property that would become Lapa
Rios, they spotted a number of macaws flying across the jungle in tandem, creating a river of red.
Inspired by this beautiful image, the two former Peace Corps volunteers named their lodge Lapa Rios –
River of Scarlet Macaws in English.


Here at the lodge, we believe that no matter how you cut it, a rainforest left standing is worth more.

Long before the pillars of sustainable tourism had been established, John and Karen envisioned Lapa
Rios as a project whose objective it would be to protect its endangered surroundings. Today, the 17-
bungalow lodge preserves more than 1,000 acres of primary and secondary rainforest, and assists in the
development of the local community. Since its opening in 1993, Lapa Rios has won numerous awards
and has been featured in the press worldwide.


In this incredible environment, guests can look forward to once-in-a-lifetime rainforest adventures, wildlife
encounters and ocean activities. While some come with a bold spirit for exploring and others in search of
nature’s tranquillity, both will find myriad opportunities to connect with this enigmatic ecosystem.

A proud member of the Cayuga Collection, Lapa Rios creates an intimate and authentic experience, at
once luxurious, educational and inspiring. Included interpretive hikes, bird watching walks, sustainability
tours and more provide a true window to the beating heart of the wild Osa Peninsula.

Rainforest Bungalow

17 luxurious bungalows are dotted along a ridge in our 1000-acre private Rainforest Reserve. The
bungalows are open-air with screens — uniquely designed to give you an incredible indoor-outdoor
experience. In each, you’ll find harmony in this undisturbed environment, sunrise views, and an
appreciation for the sounds, sights and smells of the Rainforest. Each bungalow features a private deck
and patio garden, complete with an outdoor shower, ocean views, and beds draped in mosquito netting
to create a private, romantic setting.

Wild life tours

Lapa Rios Lodge is a gateway to Costa Rica’s natural wonders. Situated in a 1,000-acre private reserve
on the Osa Peninsula, the opportunities for exploring are exciting and boundless. Discover 360° of
biodiversity — from the roots of the trees up beyond the canopy, and out to the sea. Home to a plethora
of incredible wildlife, including monkeys, scarlet macaws, pumas, toucans, tree frogs and thousands of
other creatures.

Life means Adventure here

At Lapa Rios, the smell of adventure is thick in the air. Remote rainforests are full of surprises. Every
hike is an opportunity to indulge the inner Bear Grylls; a chance to cross paths with a puma; a window to
an enigmatic ecosystem.

On the Osa Peninsula, six year old and seniors alike will discover their adventurous spirit. Here, the
search for rare birds, endangered mammals and undiscovered creatures is always on. Dive beneath
gushing waterfalls. Explore the jungle trails to various natural surrounding beaches.

Global pioneer in Eco tourism

Lapa Rios, operate in complete harmony with the world around resort. The sustainable philosophy is
reflected in design and wildlife and nature around Lapa Rios.

Lapa Rios, promote use of locally-sourced biodegradable products and organic foods, they employ
exclusively local y trained staff. The resort is committed to environmental protection.

It was certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board with a Level 5 (highest available) CST (Certificate of
Sustainable Tourism).

Lapa Rios is perfect for families, couples, nature lovers, and anyone looking for an enriching and
unfiltered stay in the jungle.



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