Motorcyles for city life – Best small motorcycles in India

Motorcyles for city life – Best small motorcycles in India

Life in city is full of traffic and peoples,driving in a big Indian city is quite a job.When i was in
mumbai,used to drive a car,but after some time i hate to be in my car,while stuck in everyday mumbai
traffic jams.

To solve this problem i bought a hero karizma motorcycle,but that too became very big for
mumbai city life,although i love the initial thrills of karizma. Finally i decided to think about
it,what i really need to drive in a big city like Mumbai. And here comes the idea of buying a smaller
motorcyle,wow i love that & i Bought a hero splendor.It was different feeling driving this small bike here
and there without any problem or tension in traffic.Now splendor gives me complete peace of
mind.Now i beleive 100 cc motorcycle is a must for peoples who live in cities.Because,they are easy to
buy-maintain-ride and the biggest asset is that you can move with them anywhere stress free,in a very
cost effective way.

Here is the list of my choice of small motorcycles,you can enjoy riding on them too.

1. HERO SPLENDOR -simple,sleek no nonsense machine

We all know about this wonderful machine,simple and effective everday. No wonder,Hero Splendor still
remains everyone’s choice even today.The Hero Splendor is the perfect commuter motorcycle and is
the best motorcycle ever made. Its success lies in its simplicity, offering a perfect blend of ruggedness
and efficiency. The Splendor Plus is equipped with alloy wheels and an electric starter, making the
average commuter very happy indeed. The Hero Splendor Plus is powered by an air-cooled, 97cc,
single-cylinder engine with a max power output of 8.2bhp and peak torque output of 8Nm. The rear
wheel is driven via a 4- speed gearbox. The success of every motorcycle in the commuter segment
depends on how many kilometers it returns to the litre, and the Splendor Plus, with 81km/l clearly takes
the cake.Alloy wheels, electric start are all present on the top spec variant.

2. BAJAJ PLATINA- The mileage king

This bike claims to provide the highest mileage among all the 100cc motorcycles.Platina is one of the
best commuter motorcycles out there, equipped with more than just reliability and efficiency. The Bajaj
Platina is placed above the CT 100 in Bajaj’s commuter lineup in India and features Comfortec spring in
spring suspension at the rear, and the front suspension has 28 percent longer travel than other
motorcycles in the segment. The Bajaj Platina is powered by an air-cooled, 102cc, single-cylinder engine
with an output of 8bhp and 8.6Nm. Transmission duties are handled by a 4-speed gearbox and Bajaj
claims a mileage of 108km/l however, the motorcycle realistically returns around 90km/l. If your primary
requirement from a motorcycle is fuel efficiency, look no further than the Bajaj Platina. With the 11-litre
fuel tank capacity, the motorcycle realistically has a riding range of over 900 kilometres.One of my
friend told me that he got 93 km/litre with platina. Quite literally a fill it-shut it-forget it
motorcycle.Sleek styling, long single seat; alloy wheel and an electric start, are available on the top spec

3. Honda Dream Yuga- Smooth rides everyday

This is now the most fuel efficient bike by Honda returning mileage of 74 kmpl.Dream Yuga is virtually
identical to its elder sibling, Honda Shine. Except for few changes and new graphics.Dream Yuga is
Honda’s most premium offering in their ‘Dream’ series of motorcycles. The Dream Yuga is targeted
towards the commuter segment. The Dream Yuga comes with a very comfortable riding posture,
upright, with the footpegs and handlebars located perfectly. The Dream Yuga carries a very conventional
look and is very basic in styling like the other motorcycles in the ‘dream’ series. The Dream Yuga gets a
moulded headlamp cowl that adds a dash of style. An eight litre fuel tank on the Dream Yuga is more
functional than stylish. The Dream Yuga gets flashy decals on the side of the fuel tank which run all the
way from the side panels nearly to the grabrail.Honda Dream Yuga shares its 109cc engine with CB
Twister. This mono cylinder, 4-stroke engine produces a peak power of 8.5’s very easy to use in
city’s traffic with ability to give you stress free long rides.

3. BAJAJ CT100 Street- Rugged and reliable

The Bajaj CT 100 is a pretty well-known commuter motorcycle in India. The motorcycle has come to
known for its efficiency and rock solid reliability. The robust build quality ensures that the motorcycle
can go on and on without tiring out, making it the ideal workhorse, especially if it is the rural areas in
question. The CT100 is powered by an air-cooled, 99.27cc, four- stroke engine, mated to a 4-speed
gearbox. The CT 100's engine produces a maximum power of 8.1bhp and peak torque of 8.05Nm. Top
speed is just above 90km/h, however, like all commuter motorcycles, the boasting point of the CT 100 is
its mileage of 82km/l.The motorcycle also feels fresher in its new avatar, with new graphics and a
slightly redesigned front end. However, no matter how boring the Bajaj CT 100 might look, it is still the
best looking in the 100cc commuter motorcycle segment.The Bajaj CT 100 is one of the few motorcycle
in the market to come with something Bajaj calls SNS (Spring in Spring) suspension, in which there are
two springs on the same axis at the rear. One to absorb impact from small bumps and the larger outer
spring absorbs impact from large bumps. The most important feature of the Bajaj CT 100 is its
ruggedness and reliability.

4. TVS SPORT – Small and comfortable

The Sport is the sole 100cc commuter from TVS and the cheapest offering in the motorcycle segment
from the Indian manufacturer.The TVS Sport is based on the TVS Star City but is a sportier-looking
version of the commuter motorcycle. The TVS Sport comes with sporty graphics which make it stand
out in the segment, to an extent. The TVS Sport is powered by an air-cooled, 100cc, single-cylinder
engine with a maximum power output of 7.4bhp and a peak torque output of 7.5Nm. The rear wheel is
driven via a 4-speed gearbox. TVS claims that the Sport returns a mileage of 95km/l, but realistically, one
can expect it to return 80 kilometres to the litre. This motorcycle is perfect for those who want a stylish
motorcycle, but with high efficiency and reliability along with low maintenance costs. Tvs sports bike is
a awesome bike in this range and a have great mileage,looks and its very comfortable.

5. HERO HF DAWN- For a peaceful drive

The Hero HF Dawn is the entry-level commuter bike in the company’s product portfolio. The HF Dawn
features a minimalistic design with a practical approach. The motorcycle gets a classic round headlamp
and blacked out parts such as exhaust muffler, engine and rims. The bike gets essential features such as
a wide seat and side stand indicator. The Hero HF Dawn is powered by a 97.2cc air-cooled, single-
cylinder engine producing 8.2bhp and 8.05Nm of torque. The engine is paired to a 4-speed gearbox.
Due to its affordable pricing, high mileage and low maintenance cost, the HF Dawn is one of the best
100cc bikes in India. Despite it being the most affordable, it offers electric start and alloy wheels as

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