Nadir ali and company – oldest manufacturer of brass band musical instruments in India

Nadir ali and company – oldest manufacturer of brass band musical instruments in India

Nadir ali and company is the pioneer in the manufacture and sales of all types of Brass Band
Instruments since 1885.Nadirali & Co. is the oldest and most well known manufacturer and distributor of
brass band musical instruments in India. The company was established way back in 1885 by two
partners, Nadir Ali and Mohd. Ishaq at Meerut. They are the biggest and the only organized unit
manufacturing Brass Band Musical Instruments in India. Company Unit is located in Meerut, U.P.

Nadir ali and company manufactures a variety of musical instruments such as Trumpets, Cornets,
Euphoniums, Baritone (Altohorn), Tenor Trombones, Bugles, Clarinets, Flageolets, Drums and Bag
Pipes and their accessories.Ever since its establishment, Nadirali & Co has always strived to produce
the best wind musical instruments and drums.

The company, despite being the oldest Indian manufacturer of musical instruments, has adopted modern
manufacturing practices and follows international industry standards. The factory, located at Meerut, is
being refurbished with new machinery and equipments. The earlier management team has also been
revamped and emphasis is being laid making it a truly international company.

Apart from catering to professionals they also manufacture instruments suitable for school bands at
affordable prices.

They also deal in Rico Reed & Mouth piece in India.

As part of customer service they offer repair of all instruments manufactured by the Company.


Trumpets ,Cornets,Euphonium ,Altohorn & Trombones,Bugles,Brass Instruments
Accessories,Clarinets,Clarinet Accessories

Flageolet,Clarinet Cases,Drums,Cymbals,Mutes,Jhunjhuna, Triangle & Tambourine,Bagpipe.


107, Kothi Atanas, Meerut 250002



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