Passive Dom House ,Ukraine – A tiny 3D printed carbon fiber autonomous solar powered smart home

Passive Dom House ,Ukraine – A tiny 3D printed carbon fiber autonomous solar powered smart home

PassivDom is the first totally autonomous house in the world that doesn’t need any fuel combustion even
in Arctic climate conditions. The module uses only ecologically clean solar energy for all inhabitants’
needs: climate control (heating and cooling), water generation, air quality and oxygen control. The house
itself produces electricity for all household appliances. is a prefab house. It is assembled and equipped in the factory and delivered ready-to-go. No
construction work needed onsite.

Artificial intelligence

This house is absolutely self-sustainable and off-the-grid. This home doesn’t need to be connected to
electricity, water, or sewage. No propane tanks, no firewood.

Only clean energy and sustainability as a core focus. Off-grid solar power, water generation from air
humidity, and autonomous sewage – can make your life more comfortable everywhere without limits
and without bills, saving you annual energy costs.

Simple and perfect Design

This autonomous house is designed for comfort. It is pre-equipped with everything you need – furniture,
fully-stocked kitchen, Sonos speaker system, Nest camera and thermostat, Apple TV, 100′′ projector
screen, 24/7 internet connection, and even a fingerprint door lock. has all you need, including wine glasses.

It can be a cozy guest house, a dream vacation house, or a unit for rent.

Genius smart home

This is not just a house that contains a collection of smart gadgets. is a one-of-a-kind, integrated, intelligent home. The house possesses 24 intelligent subsystems
that work together to ensure you are living safely and comfortably. The house can make decisions to
help and protect you. It can listen. It can speak.This home does not just have a brain, it has a heart.

Healthcare can protect you. With integrated healthcare systems your home helps to keep you safe.

Live in a place that is healthy for your family and for planet Earth.

Smart air quality, oxygen, and carbon gas level control systems

Reverse osmosis water quality control system with artificial mineralization

HEPA antibacterial and antivirus protection.

lifetime warranty

Forget about renovation. is always new.

This house is built without wood or steel. It will not break down from bugs and will not rust. They use
space-station technologies and robust materials to build

Carbon fiber, durable polymers, and 6-pane of guarded glass comprise the exterior surface while
comfortable natural wood is used for the interior. warranty and regular service for all items and systems in the house.The company launches
manufacturing facilities in the US and processes orders all over the world.


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