Portal bikes, Nepal – Makers of extraordinary bicycles

Portal bikes, Nepal – Makers of extraordinary bicycles

A Social business on a mission to develop the world’s most innovative and adaptable bicycles that
transform lives and power businesses.


To see the world set free by the Bicycle.

Caleb Spear, the founder of Portal, was always tinkering, designing, and building new things. After
graduating from Colorado College in 2005, Spear came up with the design of the power take off unit
(PTO)- a device that when hooked up to a bicycle, could power any machine. An avid mountain biker,
Caleb was always fascinated with the bikes and their ability to transform society. He then asked himself
a question that, arguably, has led to the most progress for human society: What if I put the two together?
Thus, the idea for a Portal bike was birthed: a long tail cargo bike connected to a power take off unit.
Leaving behind several successful businesses in the USA, Caleb and Emily flew to Nepal, a country they
both had fallen in love with. There they met up with Dustin Alarid, Tenjing Gurung, and the other staff of
Portal. In a small workshop in the corner of Epic Mountain Bike, they started working on their first
prototype in 2013.



This is no ordinary bicycle. The Portal Long-Tail is an agent of transformation! Being the largest bike, the
Long-Tail is equipped to handle even the biggest of loads! Tall or short. Woman or man. Child or adult.
Experienced cyclist or newbie. Portal Cargo Bikes were designed to fit everyone’s needs, save
everyone’s time, and to improve everyone’s life.

With a 7-speed gear set, complete with our mega-range gear to help conquer even the steepest of

Shorten your commute. Grow your business. Transport your family. Finish your chores. Save your time.
Clean up your city. Regain your freedom.Turn your bicycle into a pedal-powered machine!


The Portal Mid-Tail is slightly shorter than its Long-Tail cousin and is the perfect solution for those who
want a fast and simple way to get their work done.An amazing machine that carries cargo,powers
machines and transforms lives.


Power Take Off (PTO) unit in their bicycle has endless opportunities for innovation. PTO is a one of a
kind innovation that allows you to utilize your Long Tail for a multitude of uses. Check out our line-up of
tools to see how you can use your PTO to shell corn, grind grain, Tools easily connect to the PTO,
allowing the user to pump water, grind grain, generate electricity, wash clothes, etc.


Portal is special as in stark contrast to many businesses in Nepal, no one working at Portal, simply works
at Portal; all of their employees are huge fans of their bikes and are passionate about the project at
hand. A project that Portal’s tagline sums up very nicely: “Innovations that empower”.

Interning at Portal is an amazing experience. Ranging from web design to manufacturing to marketing,
our internships are flexible and fun. Our interns work hard, dream big, and make the world a better place.

They accept applications on a rolling basis. If you are in Nepal and interested in working with them,
please contact:

Lalitpur, Jawalakhel,Kathmandu, Nepal



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