SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd. – Affordable Solar home systems for rural India

SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd. – Affordable Solar home systems for rural India

SELCO is a rural energy service company, with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Established in 1995.

SELCO views energy access as an underlying precondition to catalyze progress related to health,
education, livelihoods, financial inclusion and so on leading to overall improvement in quality of life. It
understands the root of the problem within context and then assesses how energy can resolve it.

SELCO’s solutions are designed based on the needs of the poor. The non-expendable incomes of the
poor, make it imperative to create services and products that leads to creation of assets for them: assets
that can provide economic and social stability for the poor thus negating the threats of potential
vulnerability in the future. At SELCO, the poor are looked at as partners, innovators, inventors, enterprise
owners in order to develop solutions that are truly inclusive and not designed based on assumptions of
what the poor need.

Installed over 450,000 so called ‘expensive’ solar solutions for the poor which have been paid for by the
poor using various financing methods designed by SELCO and its financial partners that match their
cash flows.

Combining door step service models via energy service centers and hiring local youths to maintain the
solar systems in rural areas. Many of the employees of SELCO are from the local villages adding a
sense of trust and responsibility that is crucial when targeting undeserved communities.

SELCO has successfully grown many folds over the years while promoting energy services like solar
power to the rural poor. It has maintained modest profits in the last 8 years with growth rates at an
annual average of 20%. It has reinvested its profits back into the company for further growth.

SELCO operates in Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Bihar and Tamil Nadu. SELCO delivers sustainable
decentralized energy solutions for the poor in a manner that not only creates value for the end user but
also ensures that the solution is a long term one. Selco creates a new equilibrium in which long term
energy solutions will flourish, improving quality of life for the very poor and ultimately alleviating poverty.

Doorstep Servicing and financing

High quality solutions that are backed by a reliable after sales service network. The Energy Service
Center is the basic building block of the Company’s rural operations. Each ESC has a service territory in
which it markets, sells, installs, and services SELCO’s energy services.

Through these ESCs, SELCO reaches the last mile. Further in order to sustain reliability and durability of
systems, SELCO has devised an extensive after sales service network which includes exclusive service
branches, service camps, customer care help lines, annual maintenance contracts etc.

Doorstep Financing

SELCO facilitates linkages with various financial institutions in its areas of operations to offer customized
financial solutions suited to the cash flows of customers:

Commercial Banks: There are a total of seven commercial banks that work with SELCO to finance its
energy products (Syndicate bank, Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank , corporation bank, Karnataka Bank
(Private ) Indian Overseas banks, State Bank of Mysore)

Regional Rural Banks (or known as Grameen Banks): SELCO has also worked with several RRBs that
have now converged into three main rural banks i.e. Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, Kaveri
Grameena Bank, and Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank.

Rural Farmers Cooperatives: SELCO works with 25 farmers co-operatives like rubber cooperative,
vanilla cooperative etc. However in future plans interactions with this type of financial institution will

Micro-Finance Institutions: SELCO works with SKDRDP in Karnataka and Myrada in Karnataka to cater
to its 300,000 women client base.


690, Ground Floor, 15th Cross Rd, Jeewan Griha Colony, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka

+91-80 2649 3144


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