The Power Habits – Learn to form them

The Power Habits – Learn to form them

Few daily actions are especially effective at moving people toward success. We call them Habits. The
quantity and quality of every success habit performed, will define the altitude of your success-level. The
biggest secret that man has discovered is the power of habit. Once a habit is established it lasts for a life

Developing a habit in the beginning seems hard, but once you master something and include it in your
habits, it will be forgotten and you’ll just do it easily.

Habit to Set Clear Goals

Setting goals is vital for everyone – whether you are on the conveyor belt or you are running a multi-
billion dollar business. Everyone needs to have clear life goals and ambitions to strive for – because

without them, what is the point? So as long as you have something to aim for then there’s something to
keep you motivated and successful. Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the oxygen to our
dreams. They are the first steps to every journey we take and are also our last. By setting goals for
yourself you are able to measure your progress because you always have a fixed endpoint. When you
have a certain end point in mind you automatically stay away from certain distractions and stay focused
towards the goal.

Habit of Eating Healthy

When you eat right, it shows in how you look. Nothing is worse than having an imbalanced and poor diet
– when this happens, you need to eat healthier. A body with the right nutritional intake is far more useful
to you than one that is flagging and needs help getting through those hard days. Make sure that you eat
well and regularly so that your body is well topped and able to cope with the rigors of the day. Start your
day with a healthy breakfast: This will make it easier to opt for healthy choices later in the day as well.

Habit of Visualization

Often in life we harbor disempowering thoughts in our head;

I’m not good enough
I’m not good with women
I don’t deserve to be rich
I’m not able to lose any weight
I’m not healthy and happy

These are all perfect examples, how you perceive yourself and your surroundings literally sets the
boundaries of your individual accomplishment. It basically defines what you can and cannot do.

Improve your self-image and your image of the world and likewise will your accomplishments grow to
greater heights. The way I do this is by writing down how I want to perceive myself and visualize in detail
how I will act in certain situations. Repetition is key! Eventually it will become real. The visualization
process works as a form of relaxation as it reduces anxiety. Visualization has no limitations – you can be
and do anything, you can gain inspiration to pursue your dreams as you have already seen them
happen, boost your confidence, and improve your focus on working toward your goals.

Habit to Take care of your body

Our body is probably the single most important investment we can make in our life. Yet I see so many
people gulping down fast-food, too much alcohol and neglecting any form of exercise. Everything you
operate needs maintenance from time to time. You can compare your body to driving a car. If you don’t
take care of your car, guess what’s going to happen?

you can buy a new car but not the body. Embrace this fact and start doing exercise regularly and try
meditation, music, walking, yoga for a peaceful mind and relaxed Body. Have great conversations with
great people, watch a feel good movie, read a novel, drink your favorite tea, go to a concert. Exercising
increases the endorphins that are released into your body which increases productivity.

Habit of Money Management

Rich people are rich because they know the true value of money and hence they manage their business.
It is generally said that money will stay in the hands of people who know its value. Another big pillar in
success is shifting from the consumer mentality into the investor mentality. See your money as seeds. By
spending your hard-earned money in a smart way you’ll be able to grow your investments into bigger
pay-offs over time. Remember to form good habits to earn and spend money. If you are a lavish
spender, spending money in unnecessary ways, you will soon lose all your wealth. Hard work and
commitment is essential if you want money to stay in your hands. You can try investing it. Money when
invested has the ability to increase in amount which will let you buy more luxuries.

Habit of Time Management

We all have time. And just to remind you, we all have 24 hours a day no matter where you live, how
much money you make, or how successful you are. You have the same amount of time as everyone
else. So how come some people excel and some don’t? One of the most effective methods to manage
your time is make hand-written lists about the things you want to do today because they make your brain
believe that these are the only things you need to focus on. Once you start working on something, you
will be bombarded with distracting thoughts and excuses. Don’t panic, just focus on your work. Invest
your time in the activities you have decided and you will gain more power, money, friends, love and affection.

Habit of Reading

The benefits of reading books are enormous. Ordinary people seek entertainment, but extraordinary
people seek education and learning. That’s why most of the successful people are reading books instead
of wasting time watching TV.As time passes by, reading will certainly reshape your thinking. It will make
you more knowledgeable and have more ideas on many topics; you will think and see differently; you will
have answers to common questions, and you will feel more confident and creative. Make reading your

Habit to control your mind

The mind, like anything else, has the characteristics of a muscle. You use it or lose it. And as long as you
are using it, it will remain fit and healthy. The minute you stop using it, it will decay and rust. Just like your
body needs good food to run, your mind needs good fuel to run.

If you feed your mind with junk ‘input’ like mindless television, excessive drama, or constant news
coverage whether TV or newspapers, your mind will become lethargic and fatigued. The world is full of
Information every time. But instead of taking all this information in your mind, learn to release it as it
comes. Use only the accurate knowledge based on facts. Your mind is your servant, order it to obey your
rules and thinking. Hope you be thinking positive!


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