The Sherp ATV, Russia – Forget all, this is the Best all terrain Vehicle in the world

The Sherp ATV, Russia – Forget all, this is the Best all terrain Vehicle in the world

Thinking about true all terrain vehicle? Then forget about the big names. Meet the Sherp all-terrain
vehicle (ATV)-I believe that this machine is the mother and father of all terrain vehicles. Think of it as a
tiny tank, or an extreme off-road buggy.

I am always a fan of Russian off road vehicles, they simply make only the best and remarkably simple.
The Sherp ATV is the brain child of Alexei Garagashyan, a mechanic in Saint Petersburg. An
indestructible diesel 15.3 gallon 44 horsepower engine from Kubota, a Japanese manufacture, is used to
power 2,866 pound vehicle that tops out at 27.9 mph on land and 3.7 mph in water. It only weight

SHERP all-terrain vehicles with the impressive functionality. SHERPs are reliable and low-maintenance
vehicles created to work in the extreme operational conditions. Geologists, oil workers, fishers, hunters,
thrill-seekers and discoverers have already been using these all-terrain vehicles for work and
overcoming the wild. The cab seats two people, who use levers to steer and accelerate and slow the
machine down.

Unique features

Its max. speed is 40 km/h.

it climbs over obstacles as high as 1 meter and a gradient up to 35 degree.

it incredibly easy overcomes stone fields, sand, snow, fallen trees, it moves on the ice and in the water.

it floats and gets out of the water onto the ice.

Even these features are impressive. And SHERP has dozens of them!

Sherp is the result of 20 years of ATV construction experience.

As a result, only high performance parts, reliable devices, technologies and solutions tested and proven
with time and severe conditions are implemented in the SHERP ATV design.

Design, Based on Simplicity and Reliability

The design of the SHERP was developed in such a way that its repair could be carried out anywhere by
a minimal amount of tools and without deep specialized knowledge. Suspension and transmission
without many traditional elements demonstrate the highest reliability. Only the minimum of required
electrical appliances is used. In this case, the engine itself is able to operate without electrical equipment

Floating capability

Each SHERP tire has a volume of about 800 liters (210 gal). The total volume of the wheels gives a
displacement of more than 3,200 kg (7000 lbs). This allows the SHERP to move along the water, and the
hermetic body prevents water from entering the compartment. Therefore, the SHERP remains aoat
even with zero tire pressure or without all 4 wheels.

Drive straight through a forest, crush everything in its path, and even cross a frozen river, without even
thinking, mud, rocks, hills no matter what, the Sherp ATV will never let you down.


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