Upside Biotechnologies,New Zealand – Regenerative Medicine Solution for Major Burns

Upside Biotechnologies,New Zealand – Regenerative Medicine Solution for Major Burns

Upside Biotechnologies – aims to treat victims of severe burn. They do this by taking a small sample of
skin from the burn victim and grow sheets of the patient’s own skin to put on their own burn wounds.
Upside was incorporated in November 2016 as a spinout from the University of Auckland based on
research by Prof Rod Dunbar and Dr Vaughan Feisst. Dr Robert Feldman is the originating CEO. Prof
Dunbar and Dr Feisst both work in the department of immunology where they started to grow skin to
study aspects of skin immunology. Quickly, they realized their technological advances in growing skin
were applicable to the treatment of burns. In Upside’s short existence, it is proud to have been able to
close a series A funding round and to have signed a Cooperative Research and Development
Agreement with the US Army. They will start their first clinical trial in New Zealand in 2018.

Regenerative Medicine Solution for Major Burns

Upside is developing the most advanced and best treatment for severe burns. The Upside product is a
regenerative medicine solution to current shortcomings in the current treatment of severe burns patients.
Upside will take a small sample of unburnt patient skin and grow it into differentiated, graftable skin in
order to cover the patient’s own burns.


Upside uses a combination of a proprietary, specially-designed culture chamber with methods for
speeding cellular growth to achieve its superior product. The skin is grown on a mesh that confers
superior handling.

The process for culturing our engineered skin product is as follows:

-Digest cells from a sample of skin
-Culture cells in flasks
-Transfer skin cells from flasks to Upside’s culture chambers
-Seal chambers
-Cells attach to coated synthetic mesh held on frame

-Turn over chambers
-Frame holding mesh and cells falls to bottom
-Cells are now next to a gas permeable membrane
-Gas passing through membrane gives signal for epithelial -cells to differentiate
-Skin ready to be transported to patient in same chambers

Product advantages are that Upside’s engineered skin is produced faster than any competitive pipeline
product, it is supplied in bigger sheets and has good handling characteristics. Upside has intellectual
property covering the processes conferring these specific advantages.


Upside Biotechnologies Ltd.
Level 10, 49 Symonds Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
+64 21 246 0485


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