Village Industry ,Ethiopia –  A Textile Industry Based on Tradition

Village Industry ,Ethiopia – A Textile Industry Based on Tradition

Village Industry is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, right in the middle of the Horn of Africa, the cradle of
humanity. Ethiopia is a growing country that has invested heavily in the development of its textile sector
and is nowadays one of the few successful African countries when it comes to textile and
garment production.

Village Industry ambition is to provide our clients with flexible solutions for the production of textiles,
garments and accessories. Village Industry uses own production facility but rely also on the capabilities
and capacity of a network of other Ethiopian and African textile factories with complementary skills. For

this reason, They have the possibility to meet the demand for small high-end productions and high-
volume orders of standardized products.

Being based in one of the most well-preserved environments in the world, we strongly believe that every
effort has to be made to fulfill the needs of mankind in accordance with nature.

Environmental sustainability is therefore an important aspect of Village Industry work. In order to
preserve what is one of the last gardens remained on earth Village Industry strive to use natural
additives and hand-work against energy thirsty machinery, without compromising on productivity.

Village Industry are also committed to promote the use of natural materials and technologies for
packaging. Finally and developed a natural dyeing process that uses pigments extracted from soil for
long lasting and light-fast fabric coloration..


Within Village Industry several business units that focus on the production of different textile products.

African Cottons focuses on the production of fabric. Village Industry process natural cotton grown by
cooperatives of farmers in Ethiopia and the rest of the horn of Africa. African cotton is one of the few
remaining non-GMO cottons in the world and has a very good quality, as in the case of the Egyptian,
Ethiopian and Tanzanian cotton.

Village Industry source our yarn mainly from local factories, but according to the needs of our clients are
able to source special yarns imported from Europe and Asia.

Bag packed is a line of reusable cotton bags and cotton accessories produced with the lowest possible
environmental impact.

Most of our bags are made with loom state fabrics and no material is used other than cotton fiber and
seizing glue, mainly maize starch.

No heat processing, no water waste. Prints are made with traditional screen method using water based


Village Industry Plc.

Nefas Silk Lafto Subcity, Kebele 12/13, House nr. B2

P.O. Box 120195, Addis Ababa


+251 114404864


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