Whill wheelchair,Japan – Delivering Fun and Innovation to Pedestrian Travel

Whill wheelchair,Japan – Delivering Fun and Innovation to Pedestrian Travel

A personal electric vehicle

Traditional wheelchairs are often cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to maneuver.When Idea,Innovation and technology come together to create next-generation personal mobility devices.

Whill is a mobility product that supports the elderly and people with disabilities affecting mobility. The company began selling its first product Model A in 2014 in the U.S., and began sales of its second product Model Ci in April of last year. IT’S LIGHT. IT CAN BE BROKEN DOWN INTO THREE PARTS

Design and features

Traditional wheelchairs are often cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to maneuver.However, change is coming. A sleek, attractive wheelchair redesigned from the ground up. Of course, all the standard features are on board, including colour customization, a nine-mile radius from the lithium-ion battery and a 4mph top speed. The arm-rests and the controllers attached to them are a little higher than on traditional power wheelchairs. WHILL is changing the way people think about wheelchairs and the people who rely on them. Even though 4WD and All Directional Wheels have been around for years, WHILL is the only personal mobility device with both of these features.Electromagnetic brakes provide smooth and safe stopping, even on inclines.It’s light. It can be broken down into three parts and packed into a car. An all-wheel drive system, easy transportability, and superb range, Compact size, Intuitive controls and omni wheels make maneuvering the world effortless and enjoyable. Exceptional stability keeps you in complete control, while best-in- class durability gives you peace of mind wherever you
decide to go.

Anti-sway feature helps keep the device driving in a straight line on side slopes. A responsive, ergonomic and simple to use controller allows you to navigate your world effortlessly and enjoy all-day comfort. The product received the 2015 Good Design Grand Award.

The idea behind whill

It all began with a single user’s voice: “I’ve even given up on going to the grocery store just two blocks away.” In 2010, this simple statement from a friend was the start of it all for Satoshi Sugie, Founder, CEO.

He was a wheelchair user who did not like the negative attention he got while using his wheelchair in public. He was seen as weak or ill, someone who needed the help of a large, imposing, unsightly machine to help him get around. As a friend, we knew him to be amazingly independent, fun loving and very social. We wanted everyone to be able to see the true person, the person we knew. So we set out to create a mobility device that would empower our friend, enable him to be himself and to do the things he wanted to with confidence and enthusiasm. A mobility device that would change the way he felt in public and one that would change how the public felt about him!

After a year of development, we not only gave our friend a revolutionary new vehicle, but we also exhibited our work at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. We were overwhelmed by the positive reaction from all over the world. We realized that many people desired this kind of innovation and new found freedom in the mobility industry. We saw how meaningful what we were creating could be for people with mobility issues.

Philosophy behind WHILL

Through ongoing development and production of Personal EVs, Whill wheelchair will challenge today’s conventions and improve the personal mobility experience. Whill wheelchair redefine the perception of wheelchairs and their limitations through innovative design and advanced technology. Nobody should be limited because they don’t feel comfortable with how they move from point A to point B. Whill want every individual to be confident, comfortable and independent.




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