YESS PIZZA- Pizzavolution in the food industry

YESS PIZZA- Pizzavolution in the food industry

Introducing, Yess Pizza – a revolutionary concept of Anytime Pizza Kiosk that serves delicious Italian pizza in a matter of 5 minutes, 24/7.

Yess Pizza has created a Pizzavolution in the food industry by launching for the first time in India an Anytime Pizza Kiosk (ATP). A fully automated plug & play machine that delivers freshly baked pizzas in a matter of 5 minutes. All the consumer has to do is Pay & Insert Token – Select topping – Enjoy delicious Pizza. Its thin-crust base is freshly made from dough in the machine itself.

See it, to believe it. You can view the entire baking process through transparent windows of the machine. Yess Pizza takes immense pride in bringing to the country a never heard before concept and strives hard to bring to the tables delicious & fresh instant pizzas in 5 minutes.


Consistently serve high-quality food through constant innovation and build customer satisfaction through unbeatable hospitality.


To be the most sought after Pizza brand in India.

Process of Yess Pizza:

Pizzavolution is a concept of a new generation pizza vending machine that bakes a delicious Italian Pizza within a span of 5 minutes. Yess Pizza’s Anytime Pizza Kiosk bakes a pizza right from the scratch.

The machine mixes flour and water to make fresh pizza dough. The dough is then machine pressed to shape the pizza crust. The pizza sauce is then dispensed equally throughout the crust & pre-heating of the oven initiates automatically. The pizza after all toppings and cheese have been placed is then transferred into the oven. It is then baked at a high temperature of 380 degrees Celsius. Simultaneously the pizza tray is folded and once the process is over the pizza is placed in the tray and is pushed out of the machine. Hot & delicious Italian pizza is now ready to eat in just 5 minutes.

FRANCHISEE Opportunity

Indian food market has seen an upward surge in the consumption of Italian Pizza’s and to cater this growing demand; Yess Pizza is ready to take the industry by its new technology.

Yess Pizza franchisees can install a machine anywhere in high footfall areas and rake in the returns in quick time.

In these fast paced times, consumers are constantly looking to save time. When in a rush, nothing could be better than picking up a meal or snack right on the move. Pizza is a universally popular food – combine that popularity with instant, fresh and anywhere… and you’ve got a marketing masterstroke!

All you require is a 40 sq ft space in a high footfall area and your set. Ideal spaces would include airports, railway/bus stations, colleges and campuses, malls, multiplexes, clubs, resorts…

With absolutely no manpower required, this 24×7 innovation is literally plug and play! Plug into profits. Plug into the pizza revolution!

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